Jennifer Muskopf

Drishti Dome
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Drishti Dome (2016)

Drishti is a Sanskrit word that comes from yoga which involves a meditation practice of gazing outward while bringing awareness inward. It can mean the vision that unites values with action or the recognition of oneness between self and other; soul to soul connection.

In 2016 I collaborated with my students (1st grade-5th grade) to make an outdoor sculpture space that invites viewers to engage in Drishti meditaion and cooperative puzzles. The structure is a 16 foot geodesic dome made from PVC pipes and zip ties. It is covered with colored burlap that encloses the frame except for an entrance triangle and an exit triangle. Once inside participants are welcome to choose one of the hand painted puzzles that are meant to be put together while sitting across from another person and reflect a message of unity, peace, and global kindness. In addition, one can secure a small round mirror to their forehead and sit in Drishti meditation with another person or with themselves in front of one of seven round mirrors attached to the inside of the dome. The fabric colors (representing the seven chakras) reflect from one's forehead to perhaps display an awareness of feeling rooted, vital, or loving.