Jennifer Muskopf

Creation Cockroaches
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American Cockroach Tells Big Bang Story
Gisborne Cockroach Tells Maori Story
German Cockroach Tells Old Testament Story
Oriental Cockroach Tells Chinese Story
Forest Cockroach Nymph Tells Japanese Story
Brown Cockroach Tells the Koran Story
American Cockroach Tells Cherokee Story
Brown-banded Cockroach Tells Greek Story
Indian Domino Roach Tells Hindu Story
American Cockroach Tells Inuit Story
Egyptian Desert Roach Tells Egyptian Story

This series of over-sized fabric cockroaches was inspired by my desire to depict creation myths from different cultures. The myths were so complicated and rich that they really needed to be told. Each cockroach speaks, telling it's origin story as it may have witnessed it in the beginning. To hear the voice of each cockroach one would press the letter on it's back.

All made from: Fabric, poly-cotton stuffing, paper, mohair yarn and digital recorder