Jennifer Muskopf

    Clive + Sunshine  
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All animals made from new and/or vintage fabrics, poly-cotton filling and embroidery thread. They vary from 4 to 12 inches in size

Clive and Sunshine animals have been handmade by Jennifer since 1993. They are constructed from both new and vintage fabrics, stuffed with poly-cotton filling. Details such as faces, spots or whiskers are hand embroidered. They are sold exclusively at the following four shops: Cog & Pearl in Brooklyn, NY, ReForm School in Los Angeles, CA, Lola in Berkeley, CA, Triton Cafe in Japan and Canoe in Portland, OR.

Go to Sculptures to view the animal series unique to each shop. Special orders can be made through these stores. Also ask about "Heirloom Animals" to have your favorite fabric from a precious dress or cute baby outfit made into a Clive and Sunshine animal!