Jennifer Muskopf

Harper High School Series
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These paintings imagine a reality without guns and their false sense of power for this neighborhood and the students of Harper High School. The teens are depicted throughout the streets and among the buildings walking, talking and interacting as young people do with energy and a wide range of emotions displayed and hidden. In my version of Englewood each student has a wolf companion. This vision presents an alternative form of power that comes from a deeper source in our innate virtues where strength and courage, love and trust truly protect and guide us. The dark spheres reveal the presence of something other, something divine.

The structure of this 16 piece series of paintings (each 30” x 22”, presented horizontally) comes from the Chinese scrolls by Wang Hui made in the 17th century. These beautifully detailed, fabulously painted works were commissioned by Emperor Kangxi to record and depict his second Southern Inspection Tour. They show the landscape and the city centers, people going about their daily routines and performing rituals. I mean to show Englewood with the same gravity and scope.