Jennifer Muskopf

Cave Series
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Comfort and Joy

Companions, Pets



Hope and Fear

Beauty, Hair

Good vs. Evil, Mythical

Power, Violence

Bliss, Influenced

Power, Money

Desire, Sex

Interior, Entry

In my life and in my art I wish to seek beauty where it doesn't seem to be, create wonder, expose the interior, and find what is needed. Lately I have been investigating these thoughts through the imagery of an underwater cave as a metaphor for a labyrinth. I saw a nature video of the caves of the Yucatan Peninsula that snake their way through the ground for 100 miles before feeding into the sea. These caves are explored by divers who unwind a thread attached to their belts as they travel through the passages to both measure the distance and to find their way back to the flooded entrance. These divers reminded me of Theseus as he entered the labyrinth of King Minos with Ariadne's thread and the courage to face the Minotaur.

I am thinking of the labyrinth as such:
  • has only one path, unicursal
  • the way out is the way in
  • a journey to the center of oneself
  • a structure containing an intricate network of winding passages hard to follow without losing one's way
  • a sacred space
By juxtaposing imagery from everyday life, religion, myth, history, pop culture, and personal items and placing them in these caverns filled with liquid I am creating a dream-like path of discovery that could lead home once we have confronted our fears and desires, virtues and vices.